Compar delivers new clients to high quality service providers in the Riviera Maya area and Cancun.

We deliver our affiliated service providers potential new clients that have requested to be contacted for a quotation of the service. The potential new clients are interested in the service of the service provider in the Riviera Maya and/or Cancun, and have taken action by leaving their contact details on our platform.

The cooperation with the affiliated service providers partly consists of sharing this information. After sharing this information, the service provider is able to contact the potential new client with a quotation and the goal of client acquisition.

An important part of the business process of entrepreneurs and service providers is the effort of marketing and sales to acquire new clients.

We support our affiliated entrepreneurs and service providers in their marketing and sales effort by delivering potential new clients, or leads. By delivering leads we offer service providers the possibility to grow and increase their business.

How does the concept work?

Individuals and organisations interested in a particular service in the Riviera Maya area and Cancun reach out through our platform to request quotations from verified high quality service providers.

The platform makes the search for the right service provider more effective because it enables the consumer to requests multiple quotations at the same time without having to do own research.

Our affiliated high quality service providers will send customised quotations to the consumer, hereby giving effectively an overview of the available offering of the service by verified high quality service providers.

Per request for quotations, up to five hand-picked and verified service providers reach out to the potential new client with a quotation based on the preferences as left on our platform.

Service providers could choose to contact the lead per phone, per mail, by social media or through all channels to reach out and acquire the client.

At Compar, we handpick our affiliated service providers. This way we are able to offer the consumer verified high quality service providers.

To facilitate the client acquisition process we advice, support and offer consultation to our affiliated service providers in the process of professionally reaching out to leads.