In case you are thinking about starting your apartment, condo or studio in the Rivera Maya (Playa del Carmen, Tulum) or Cancun fresh with new furnishings and decoration please read this article.

A good interior designer is able to bring that stylish beautiful touch while getting you to the most functional end-result.

At the same time a one-stop solution of having your interior designed professionally could be of tremenedously help in the time-consuming process of settling down in a new environment.

An experienced and skilled local interior designer, with connections to suppliers in the area, could turn out to be a saver of money and time. You could save time by avoiding expensive mistakes and saving time because you will have to invest way less time in researching products and ideas.

Not only will you save time but interior designers in this area could have access to companies specialised in furniture and lighting that you might not be able to find.

If you decide to work on your project in Mexico, it is important to understand that not all interior designers are the same. Finding a fit with an interior designer with the right chemistry is akin to success.

And especially because of (potential) cultural differences, you should consider taking some extra time in getting to know the interior designer. Find an interior designer that you feel compatible with regarding personality and communication style. A good relationship with the designer is a personal process.

The designer wants you to be satisfied with the end project and therefore wants to know all about how you would like to have it. Try to give as much information about your preferences and taste as possible to the designer. The more aesthetic information that you can share, the more potential for open communication.

Additional tips:

1. Be honest about your budget. Sometimes people don’t like to give away their budget, but it is much easier for the interior designer to know it from the start as the designer can work within that guide.

2. It is very important to communicate well how involved in the process you would like to be from the start.

3. You want to be working with someone that makes you confident following his or her suggestions. It are the suggestions from the interior designer that will be eventually the thing that makes your design spark. Therefor go with someone you have a lot of trust in.

Tips for asking the right questions when meeting the Interior Designer

– How does the structure of the cooperation look like, whom of your team will be involved?

– What are particular styles that you like, or don’t like, to work with.

– What is the amount of projects that you work at the same time on?

– What is your expectation of the time that the project takes to be completed?

– What is your portfolio and client references?

– What is your system of keeping track of the budget, payments, refunds etc?

– Are you comfortable with? (Name specific customizations of your situation like pets and, fabric allergies and/or kids)

– How would you describe your project management style and what are your expectations of me?

– What includes in the fee, and how do you charge?

– How do we resolve problems during the project? (Examples are arriving of damaged furniture, arrival of wrong pieces etc.)

Through our platform we are able to help you in the process of finding an interior designer in the Rivera Maya (Playa del Carmen, Tulum) and Cancun.

You can leave your contact details and preferences about the design of your interior and up to 5 high quality interior designers will contact you personally with customised quotations.