Totally understandable that you are very excited about deciding to have your wedding in the beautiful Mexican Caribbean (Riviera Maya and Cancun).

Through the platform of Compar, we are able to connect you with different high quality wedding planners in the Riviera Maya (Playa del Carmen, Tulum) and Cancun. After leaving your contact details, our verified and high quality service providers will contact you with customised quotations based on the preferences of your dream wedding.

For now we would like to give you some tips on how to choose your wedding planner after deciding to have your wedding in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum.

After a wedding planner made a good first impression on you, indulge yourself in their website, portfolio, blog and social media. By thoroughly doing so you are able to get an idea of their aesthetics and the style they implement in weddings of their clients. Try to see if you can recognise a returning style.

The wedding planner probably has the most experience with this style. In case you are looking for an intimate and cozy atmosphere while the returning style glamorous and over the top, this wedding planner might not be the right one for you.

In the next phase of having direct contact with the wedding planner, ask a lot of good questions. Prepare and take the time to go in depth about what is crucial for you and your fiancee.

During the initial contact try to feel if you find a connection and if it is a fit both personal and professional. You will have to collaborate a lot so make sure that the wedding planner is somebody that you truly enjoy working with.

Bring impressions to the first (digital) meeting with the wedding planner. Get your impressions and inspiration from magazines, photos, or Pinterest.
Discuss your ideas and see how the wedding planner reacts, see if there is a match and if the wedding planner is able to improve on your vision.

After passing the process of finding the right wedding planner and you are arriving at the signing stage, make sure that you have carefully read the contract. Take a good look at how the wedding planner handles potential additional fees, last minute changes and back-up plans, for example in case due to weather reasons.

Interesting questions to ask during the initial contact moments are
– What is the wedding planner experience is in a certain venue that you have in mind?
– How often will there be communication throughout the planning process?
– Is the wedding planner working solo? And if not, how does the team look like?
– What are your client references?

Also a double check with references is always a good idea. Questions to ask could be:
– Do you have pictures of your wedding? (to confirm professionalism)
– To what extent interpreted the wedding planners your ideas?
– Was the wedding’s style how you wanted it to be?
– How was the communication (how was the response to calls/emails and how was the coordination?)
– In case anything went wrong, how did they handled it?

Compar helps you in the process of finding the right Wedding Planner in the Riviera Maya and Cancun.

You can leave your contact details and preferences about your perfect wedding and up to five verified high quality wedding planners will contact you with customised quotations.