Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. When can I expect a response

Most service providers will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your request. They could contact you through phone, e-mail, or both. Please make sure that you are easily reachable.

2.  I did not receive any response, what now?

If you have not received a reaction (yet), you could approach the service providers directly. You can request the necessary contact
details through our customer service: [email protected]

3. Do I pay for requesting quotations?

No, submitting an application is free of obligation and free of charge.`

4. From how many service providers can I expect a response?

You are approached by a maximum of five parties. In this way you can easily compare proposals and choose an appropriate proposal.

5. Is it obligated to fill in a phone number?

Yes, your request can not be sent without a telephone number. The parties that deal with your request, usually find it pleasant to
first contact you by telephone before they make a quotation.

6. Can I withdraw a request?

Withdrawing an application is not possible, as your application
is sent directly to the service providers.

7. Do I have to inform all parties after I have made a decision?

Our service providers appreciate it very much if you are kind enough to respond to a quotation, irrespective of the result.